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About Grammarly
grammarly_small Grammarly reviewed 448 freelance professionals’ profiles in eigh categories on Elance, an online staffing platform. The work of these professionals was rated by employers (four or five stars). Grammarly then reviewed each profile for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Their goal was to determine whether accurate, or inaccurate, writing in a freelancer’s personal profile is related to that person’s credibility, hireability, or pay. Click here to view a clever graphic of this results!

So how do you get about improving your grammar? Why, go to Grammarly’s Grammar Check tool!




cover_disclanceXZBT regular Lance Hawvermale’s latest novel (yes, he has been published before!) hits the stands on July 16, 2014. Click here for a very exclusive sneak peek!

About The Discretionist
Limousine driver Micah Donovan prides himself on his discretion. Regardless of what transpires in the back of his car every night, he keeps his eyes on the road and his heart so far away that he can no longer reach it.

But something’s different tonight in Las Vegas. The driver’s wealthy client, Austin Savlodar, is the malicious son of an imprisoned gangster. During their journey through the neon streets, Micah overhears Savlodar forcing himself upon a woman in the back of the car. Reminding himself that it’s none of his business, Micah delivers them to their destination.

Savlodar phones again a few hours later, requesting another young beauty be delivered to his door. She introduces herself as Katelyn. This time, Micah is unable to turn a deaf ear, and he rescues Katelyn just before Savlodar can hurt her. Together they flee into the night, with Savlodar’s enforcer pursuing them.

Micah’s carefully crafted life, so far free of impediment and incident, breaks apart in his hands. He has only Katelyn to keep him standing — a woman he hardly knows yet is unable to resist. The two of them have little choice but to run to stay alive. All the while, Katelyn gradually teaches Micah to waltz. Dancing becomes their talisman, keeping them together when everything disintegrates around them…

cover_colourChayyaYou may have run into Chayya Syal in the UK. She conducts workshops on writing, self-empowerment, and education, and she has written an ebook! Click here for a very exclusive sneak peek!

About Colour Me In
Colour Me In celebrates two years of the author’s blog, Avid Scribbler. The blog addresses women’s issues, life in Britain, socio-politics, ideas of race, and issues concerning the British youth. Chayya Syal was born, raised, and currently lives in London, UK. She studied English Literature at the University of Reading, holds a diploma in Private English Law, and has worked as a freelance writer, blogger and journalist for the past year. Chayya has been writing for as long as she can remember and enjoys the arts, music, writing, and travelling abroad. She enjoys working with social youth enterprise groups and is due to follow up on her success as a blogger with more writing workshops in London.



cover_samirSamir Nazareth has been around — he was the senior editor of a Hindi newspaper in India, he has registered three designs with the Indian Patent Office, and he is working towards a Master’s degree in psychology. Samir is also an ardent traveler. Click here for a sneak peek of his latest travelogue, which he brings to you together with illustrations by Suhita Mitra!

About 1440 Bananas, 76 towns, & 1 million people
Few of us have the panache to put in our papers, free ourselves from our desks, and take off on a half-year-long trip along the coastal necklace of peninsular India. This richly-flavoured travelogue combines adventure, serendipity, food, and sheer joie de vivre. The narrative irresistibly draws us in as benevolent observers of the many facets and foibles of humanity. Living out of a backpack in budget lodgings and eating bananas as a staple only add to the heady challenges that stimulate the spirit of wanderlust of this maverick explorer. The tour diary, starting from the remote north-western coastal tip and climaxing, rather precariously, way above sea-level at the potentially sinister Indo-Tibetan border, is an engrossing chronicle of discoveries about the desires, views, tribulations, joys, and sheer zest for living of the teeming millions of India. Thrown in for good measure, in a refreshingly tongue-in-cheek style, are recipes for some of the gastronomic delights offered in the places traversed. Itinerant sidelights about people of all classes and creeds—fishermen, seafarers, rickshaw-drivers, priests, salesmen, radicals, typical and atypical families, and all the rest—create a colourful kaleidoscope that is quintessentially India. This book is as enjoyable and energising as a good cup of chai…