The Exhibitionist publishes four issues every year. The first issue of the year comes out in January. All submissions for a given issue are due by the 25th of the previous month.

January/February/March 2015 (December 25, 2014)
April/May/June 2015 (March 25, 2015)
July/August/September 2015 (June 25, 2015)
October/November/December 2015 (September 25, 2015)

Please note:
– All submissions must be emailed to
– Your email’s subject should be “XZBT Submission”
– Attach a clear, high-resolution photograph of yourself
– Include a short bio about yourself
– There are no limitations on word count, duration, or the number of submissions per submitter.

Some things to keep in mind while you are writing your bio:
– Write in the third-person
– Keep your bio 3-5 sentences long
– Mention things like where you are from, what you do for a living, where you currently live, any accomplishments you may have had, and your interests
– Do not include any website links

Here are some bios we have carried so far:

“Carly Sheaffer was born and raised in Lynchburg, Virginia, USA. She studied Health Communication at James Madison University and has worked at Centra Health for the past five years, both in patient satisfaction and at the cancer center. She has a Master’s in English and has enjoyed leading writing workshops for cancer patients and survivors. She loves both traveling abroad and in the States and even more so creating a home with her husband and daughter in Virginia.”

“Travis Arnold is a Computer Information Systems major at Ranger College, in Ranger, Texas, in the United States. When he’s not doing homework, working or relaxing with some video games, he enjoys hiking with his dog and taking in the natural scenery of rural Texas.”

“Ritu Sood has twenty years of experience in the field of communications, including with the Hindustan Times, Japan Broadcasting Corporation, and Iran Television. She is also part of the Author’s Guild of India and a media consultant with the South Asian Coalition of Child Servitude. She currently works as an Associate Professor at one of India’s leading universities in New Delhi, where she lives with her cinematographer director husband and two sons.”


There are many ways to contribute to The Exhibitionist. Which of the following categories do you fit in?

Do you have any original artwork that cries out courage, defiance, or inspiration? Take a look at our previous covers to get an idea of what we are talking about. Not so sure what we’re about yet? Read about what we do and why we do it here.

Please note:
– We accept both photographs and graphic art
– The image should be high-resolution
– The image can be in either landscape or portrait orientation
– The image should have a title

The Exhibitionist accepts original works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography, art, graphic art, and video. Submissions are not paid upon acceptance, but creators retain all rights to their work and also gain publishing credit.

Additional requirements for fiction, non-fiction, and poetry:
– The title of the piece (in the body of the email)
– The text of your submission with any formatting (in the body of the email)
– Any relevant images (as email attachments)

Additional requirements for high-resolution photographs, art, and graphic art:
– the title for the image (in the body of the email)
– the relevant image (as an email attachment)

Additional requirements for videos:
– The title of the video (in the body of the email)
– A short teaser a couple of sentences long (in the body of the email)
– The YouTube link to the video (in the body of the email)